Search Engine Optimization

Get ahead of your competition. Our SEO consultants will first analyze your competition and then implement a campaign to build your organic search engine ranking. Your website and Google Places listings will gain first page placement in search results, usually within a few weeks for moderately competitive online markets.

Depending on the size and competitiveness of your online market, some campaigns may take longer to optimize, your SEO consultant will provide an estimate after the initial research.

Search engine optimization is an ongoing effort. There are a limited number of spaces available on the first page of search engine results and competition is sometimes fierce. In these markets we help you to compete by creating valuable content for your potential customers.

Comprehensive SEO Campaign

An effective campaign will include all of the short and long term initiatives that help improve overall performance over time. Your particular campaign will vary based on your type of business, market and competition. A full SEO campaign will include many of the following.

Local SEO Marketing

We help improve your local SEO by securing online advertising for your business and website through local directories and ad exchanges. We can also help you turn your website into an online resource for your community by providing valuable information and services specific to those in your neighborhood

Content Writing for Search Engine Optimization

Valuable content is created by first analyzing online search trends and keyword competitiveness and tailoring the information we provide on your website to what is being searched for. This user centric approach insures that the time and effort put into writing content is sensibly invested.

In addition to creating the content we also insure that your business website is technically optimized to be read and indexed by search engines. If you already have a website we will diagnose it with a number of SEO tools and implement the necessary changes.

Creating an Online Resource

In addition to competing with others in your market we sometimes find ourselves competing with business directories and lead generating websites. Some of these can be leveraged by taking advantage of listing opportunities or by purchasing advertisements.

We can also help you to become vertically integrated by creating an online directory, blog or reference website for your online market. This is a separate service and does require much more of an initial investment. The long term benefits, however, are substantial. This strategy is part of an overall in-bound marketing campaign.

Speak to an SEO consultant for more information and let us put together a campaign suited for your business objectives.

Initial SEO Report

We analyze your website SEO and compare it with 2 of your top competitors in your market and provide comprehensive feedback on what needs to be done to help you compete online.

Website SEO Diagnostic

Perform a detailed website analysis to ensure that it is properly setup and configured for optimal SEO and content management. This includes the following:

  • Website Structure Analysis
    This helps identify page speed issues, page errors and indexing issues
  • Website Content Analysis
    This helps identify and remove duplicate content, broken links and page element issues
  • Link Analysis
    This helps identify and remove poor quality links and reciprocal links

Keyword Research

Identify the best keywords to optimize your website for over the short and long term.

Keyword Optimization

Optimize your website title and header tags for the most relevant keywords for your market and business.

On Page Optimization

Set up proper title, header, alt and page descriptions based on keyword research

Website Indexing and Navigation

Setup Sitemaps, configure search engine friendly URLs, Canonical URLs, Cross Linking and Feed Submission

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